Corporate Training

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To bridge competency gap towards building skilled and productive workforce to meet the challenges of global business competitions by corporates, Knowell focuses on productivity enhancement training. The division provides turnkey off-company training and skill building services, certification of professional' skills, standardized management skills and soft skills.
Our strengths:

  • Standardized training content
  • Experienced / Reputed Trainers
  • Presence across the globe
  • Reputation of quality, professionalism & excellence

Our team with over 10 years of experience in training and mentoring office personnel believes on producing impactful results through our highly beneficial research modules, powerful delivery and interactive workshops.

Our Corporate Training programs include –


Professional skills training

Difficult situations and challenges in the workplace are inevitable, but the way you to choose to solve them can evolve.



Management skills training

Building effective management and supervisory skills that can help you and your organization succeed even in challenging economic times.



Soft skills training

Knowell is one of the finest corporate training companies commited to the cause of organizational excellence through development & delivery of practical soft skills


Professional Skills

Difficult situations and challenges in the workplace are inevitable, but the way you to choose to solve them can evolve. Being able to think independently in strategic, systemic, conceptual, creative, and critical ways allows you to offer innovative solutions and make more effective decisions.

Knowell has developed basic & advanced excel training module to help managers understand various simple and complex issues related to MS-Excel. This course guarantees the value addtions in terms of training and development of managers and other employees of the organisation. Hence MBA CA's CS and othe working people can come and solve their problem in few days learning. Industry experienced corporate trainer takes up classes in small group to teach various functions of excel , small size batch gives individual attention to each participant,during MS Excel Training.

Significance of Advance Excel Training

Knowell offers this course for freshers as well as experience persons, MIS - Management Information System experts are required for every sector of the economy as well for every industry, there are various reports and informations that Management of an organisation looks for, managers are required to prepare those rpeports using various functions and formulas available in MS excel spreadsheets however many times managers do feel lack of knowledge and understanding how to use advanced excel commands.Most of the topics mentioned are covered under advanced excel course has however excel has huge potential and the learning process is limitless and it takes years of practice to have full fledge mastering on the subject.

Who can join

  • Students after 12thGraudates
  • MBA (Finance, HR, Marketing)
  • Engineers
  • Chartered Accountants
  • Managers (working with small and large companies)
  • Working professionals
  • MIS Executives
  • MIS Personals
  • Accounts Personal
  • Project Managers
  • Research Workers
  • Freelancers

Knowell’s Financial Modeling and Corporate Valuation course explores the modeling and valuation techniques commonly used by Wall Street firms. The proven curriculum provides practical application of the standards and methods that a practitioner needs to be a top performer. Led by our team of experienced instructors, all of whom are former practitioners, the primary focus of the program is to teach participants the practical applications of the theoretical methodologies. Participants will blend accounting, finance, and Excel skills into the construction of three interactive models from “scratch” (3 statement, M&A, and LBO) over the course of 5 intense days of training.

This program will benefit any professional required to create financial projections, especially for participants interested in:

  • Working in the financial services industry (investment banking, consulting, research, asset management, private equity, brokerage, sales & trading, insurance)
  • Working in the corporate/strategic development or finance group of a corporation
  • Enhancing a past learning experience in finance and financial statement analysis
  • Working in marketing, brand management or operations for a corporation and being responsible for a product or divisional budget, projections and profit/loss statement

This course is designed to provide non-finance executives with a working financial knowledge to understand the financial drivers of a business. This training provides an introduction to the concepts and terminologies used in financial accounting and management decisions. You will understand how finance operates and learn to use the tools of the trade. This training can be easily taken by individuals, team leaders and managers who are from a non-finance background.


All leadership roles in an organization require some level of financial understanding. The higher authorities in an organization need to understand financial data and interact with those in charge of finance in the organization. An understanding of what the numbers say and how your actions can influence the finances of your organization is vital to create value.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand basics of financial accounting terms and concepts like balance sheets, income, cash and profit statements, etc.
  • Understand accounting principles which are applied to business accounting.
  • Use the correct methods to analyze financial statements for greater profit.

Management Skills

Building effective management and supervisory skills that can help you and your organization succeed even in challenging economic times starts with Knowell's training. Knowell offers you introductory and advanced management skills seminars to help you develop and refine the skills you need to manage people more effectively—and be ready for unexpected change.

Team-building activities can be a powerful way to unite a group, develop strengths, and address weaknesses; but only if the exercises are planned and carried out strategically. The most important step when planning team-building activities is figuring out what challenges your team faces. Only then can you choose exercises that will be effective in helping them work through these issues. Effective team building needs to happen continuously if you want your group to be successful. It needs to be part of the corporate culture.


  • Discover new ways to communicate goals, understand what makes your team wants and maximize results by improving trust throughout the team.
  • By the end of this program, participants will learn to value others on their team and their different behavioural styles.
  • They will also listen and respond effectively, become better communicators and learn to deal with challenging situations.

Part of moving up the corporate ladder is dealing with the ever-so-stressful new leader transition to management. However, being prepared for that step up in responsibility can be tough; the move from subordinate to leader is a challenging transition for most people, particularly when one is elevated to having responsibility over their longtime peers!

Our executive coaching and leadership training services shorten the painful ramp up time new leaders experience when they get initial push back from their team. We provide in-depth executive coaching, career transition coaching, leadership training, change management training and performance coaching to alleviate the pressure when performing in a new role. We zone in on what may be causing a rift between you and your team and we help overcome communication issues that stand in the way of productivity and leadership success.

Knowell is conducting motivational training workshops in multi-national organizations for more than 10 years. Motivational speech (Or Keynote speech), encourages, builds, boosts and uplifts morale of corporate executives especially sales team.


  • Employees are more motivated to work hard.
  • Employees gets aligned with organisational goals.
  • Participants start working with loads of passion.
  • The sales numbers increase significantly.
  • Self belief of participants go very high.
  • Employees turn into high performing Rockstars.

Soft Skills Training

Knowell is one of the finest corporate training companies commited to the cause of organizational excellence through development & delivery of practical soft skills training programs and quality business consulting.

This course is for any professional who is asked to deliver formal, informal or team presentation. This highly practical workshop will help participants with the skills required to make and deliver effective presentations. The most persuasive presenters deliver their ideas clearly, demonstrate confidence and enthusiasm & handle objections with poise.

Why is it required

Presentation skills define our abilities to present information to others and is a critical skills we all must develop. These skills are used on a daily basis to meet the ever increasing demand to present our messages and proposals effectiviely in our daily lives and business world.

Communication is the basis of all human interactions. It is the basis through which people interact and relate to one another. We use various forms of verbal non-verbal and written communications in nearly everything we do.

The fact is that the majority of the problems and conflicts we experience in our personal lives and at work stem from our failure to communicate effectively. In our interaction with others, we tend to assume that our words and actions are understood as we intended them. Unfortunately it just doesn't work out that way. We misinterpret and are misunderstood and don't often realize it until conflict arises.

Communication is, however, both an art and a science, and requires our full attention and consideration if we are to use it skillfully. It is a complex process, which at its best is never perfected. Effectiveness in communication, however, rest on skills that can be improved and developed.

  • To acquaint the participants with the importance of communication
  • To help the participants attain thorough understanding of communication process
  • To understand the bottlenecks which impede communication
  • To recognize, Understanding one’s profile & apply the use of Communication Styles to build Shared Information and Enhance Clarity.
  • Be able to relate to the behavior of each profile & Understand the long term consequences of each profile
  • To help participants understanding in their self awareness through introspection and feedback from fellow participants
  • Essential qualities of a good communicator
  • Improving on verbal , non-verbal & written communication skills
  • Generating a mindset to look for opportunities and learning’s from events and opening up communications windows

Wanting to be responsibly and effectively assertive is perhaps one of the most universally recognized and desired needs that people have. In one respect our culture requires us to constantly give feedback, receive feedback, and initiate interaction with others

Some people are naturally more assertive than others. If your disposition tends more towards being either passive or aggressive, you need to work on the following skills.

  • Value yourself and your rights
  • Identify your needs and wants, and ask for them to be satisfied
  • Acknowledge that people are responsible for their own behavior
  • Express negative thoughts and feelings in a healthy and positive manner
  • Receive criticism and compliments positively
  • Learn to say "No" when you need to